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The open sea fish farm of the company is located at Dolos Cape at the Governor’s Beach area (34° 41'  742 Β / 33° 16'  253Α, 34° 41'  745 Β / 33° 16'  010 Α, 34° 41'  939 Β / 33° 16'  299 Α, 34° 41'  944 Β/33° 16'  041 Α ) 1 km from the nearest beach, at a depth of 30-60 m.
Delivered from our hatchery, the fish fry (2-3gr) grow in their natural environment in an environment which is characterized by clear waters and strong southeastern and southwestern currents almost throughout the year. The position of the fish farm is truly privileged, compared with that of other fish farms, where sea currents are not so strong or frequent, or are located at closed coasts and bays. There is high oxygenation, low levels of ammonia, phosphorus, calcium and food remains, which contribute to the good health of fish. The location of the fish farm in combination with the good management practices followed results in the production of healthy fish in the fish farm, which do not need vaccines, antibiotics, hormones or any other medicine. 


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