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Policy on Food Quality and Safety

The Management of Blue Island Plc, in the framework of packing, processing, distributing and trading of fresh, frozen and defrosted fish of aquaculture and open sea fishing and bearing always in mind the identity and good name of the company, lays down the following policy on Food Quality and Safety:
The aims of the Food Quality and Safety Policy are to :
- meet fully the demands of customers and the legislative and regulatory requirements,
- make continuous improvements in the service offered to customers,
- provide services and products at competitive prices, utilizing in the best 
  way possible the human resources, equipment, know-how and
  activities of the company,
- ensure the hygiene and safety of products, by implementing the Quality
  Management System, which is based on Cypriot and European
  Legislation and the principles of HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical
  Control Points),
- implement, review and continuously improve the effectiveness of the
  Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 and
  ISO 22000.
The Management of the Company declares its commitment to the attainment of these goals, through the implementation of procedures which include preventive action and controls, averting the creation
of dissatisfied customers, through the control and monitoring of requirements, the level of safety of products supplied and through choosing the suitable staff and specifying their responsibilities.
This commitment on the part of the Management and all the staff ensures that all products supplied corresponds fully to prescribed requirements, as these are set out in the HACCP Quality Manual, the Procedures of the Quality System and the Work Instructions of the Company and guarantees consistency in meeting the expectations of its customers.
The Management of the Company has given to the person responsible for quality management and to the HACCP Coordinator the necessary jurisdiction and freedom of movement so that they will be in a position at any time to tackle any problems relating to the Quality and Safety of Food, to propose remedial action and to ensure that remedial actions are taken and their results properly evaluated.  
The General Manager has the responsibility for the supervision of the Quality Management System and signs the Food Quality and Safety Policy of Blue Island Plc.


Certifications License

(Laws on the healthy production of food of animal origin and their supply to the market as well as other relevant issues)
(Workshop of fishing products…Preparation/Packing of fresh fish of acquaculture and open sea fishing- Processing of fish catch.)
(Laws on the healthy production of food of animal origin and their supply to the market as well as other relevant issues) (Refrigeration Warehouse)


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